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Best Marriage Dates in 2023

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Never too early to begin wedding preparations. Given the number of items on our to-do list, the sooner we start, the better. As a result, we have compiled a list of the most OK wedding dates in 2023 for anyone wanting to marry next year. These are based on the panchangam and the calendar for 2023, so we can understand how to organize our special day.

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in January 2023

We can choose from three Subha muhurtham 2023 wedding dates in the year’s first month because January 26 is a national holiday.

  • January 26, Thursday
  • January 27, Friday
  • January 31, Tuesday

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in February 2023

February, the eternal month of love, is a great month to get married in India because there is a nip in the air, but it isn’t too cold.

  • February 12, Sunday
  • February 22, Wednesday
  • February 23, Thursday
  • February 24, Friday

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in March 2023

March is the most significant month for all those occasional parties regarding the season changes. It’s a terrific way to liven up our events and make them more enjoyable.

  • March 6, Monday
  • March 9, Thursday
  • March 11, Saturday
  • March 13, Monday

No Wedding Muhurtham Dates in April 2023

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in May 2023

After a little respite in April, May is the busiest season of the year with a bang. This is an excellent wedding season, with over 13 Subha muhurtham 2023 wedding dates. Due to the event’s popularity, most locations and vendors may sell out well in advance, so start planning soon.

  • May 3, Wednesday
  • May 6, Saturday
  • May 8, Monday
  • May 9, Tuesday
  • May 10, Wednesday
  • May 11, Thursday
  • May 15, Monday
  • May 16, Tuesday
  • May 20, Saturday
  • May 21, Sunday
  • May 22, Monday
  • May 29, Monday
  • May 30, Tuesday

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in June 2023

If you prefer the rain, June weddings are beautiful monsoon weddings with beautiful weather.

  • June 1, Thursday
  • June 3, Saturday
  • June 5, Monday
  • June 6, Tuesday
  • June 7, Wednesday
  • June 11, Sunday
  • June 12, Monday
  • June 23, Friday
  • June 26, Monday

No Wedding Muhurtham Dates from July to October 2023

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in November 2023

2023 is back with a marriage muhurtham based on the panchangam. With the festivities and end-of-year celebrations, November is a terrific month to get married. We appreciate how these marriage muhurtham dates are at the end of the month so that the searing October heat won’t ruin a particular day.

  • November 23, Thursday
  • November 27, Monday
  • November 28, Tuesday
  • November 29, Wednesday

Wedding Muhurtham Dates in December 2023

This is the most popular month among couples, with only four exclusive Subha muhurtham 2023. The weather is pleasant, and the muhurtham dates do not coincide with any festivals, allowing everyone to participate in the month’s festivities.

  • December 6, Wednesday
  • December 7, Thursday
  • December 9, Saturday
  • December 15, Friday


Kindly consult with your astrologer before deciding on a date, as the wedding destination is crucial while organizing a wedding. For choosing the correct muhurtham, the sunrise at the wedding destination is vital. Additionally, mutt affiliations and community regulations play a significant role in setting the dates, so ask your family astrologer before reserving any venues or vendors.

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